Our Staff

We have taken the utmost care in building a strong and qualified group of staff to ensure the safety and growth of your child. Below is a list of all staff members.

Principal and Office Staff

Principal: Mr K Mc Crindle
Deputy Principals: Mr R Muller and Mrs C van Rensburg

Mrs M Filmer
Ms M Spies
Miss H van der Merwe (Pre-Primary)


Miss A Brasem

Mrs S Brits

Mrs L Erasmus

Mrs J Mills

Grade One

Mrs A Holtzhausen (Head of Grade)

Mrs R Parker

Mrs G Rademan

Miss M Schoonraad  

Mrs M Steenekamp

Grade Two

Mrs S Moolman (Head of Grade)

Mrs D du Preez

Miss J Johnson

Mrs Van Schanke

Grade Three

Mrs S Hugo (Head of Grade)

Miss T Meyer

Miss J Reid

Mrs C van Rensburg

Grade Four

Mr G Petersen (Head of Grade)

Mrs C Hamilton

Miss A Marais

Miss S Mitchley

Grade Five

Mr Wright (Head of Grade)

Mrs M Campbell

Mrs J Foster

Mr D Scott

Grade Six

Mrs T Bergsman (Head of Grade)

Mr J Brits

Mr J Lachenicht

Mrs S Osborne

Grade Seven

Mr R Hamilton (Head of Grade) 

Mr B Holtzhausen

Mr R Muller 

Mr E Strauss

Miss D Wallace

Remedial Staff and Counsellor

Mrs L Fletcher

Mrs B Steenekamp

Mrs J James

Mrs K Maree (Counsellor)

Music and Arts Staff

Mrs L Bruggeman - Music

Mr D Allison - Music

Mrs L Erasmus - Art

Library, Computer and Phys Ed Staff

Mrs J McCrindle - Librarian

Mr W Muller - Computers

Miss K Ting Chong- Computers

Miss B Vorgers - Phys Ed/Life Skills

Student Teachers

Mr D Erasmus (Gr 5)

Miss A Ledger (Foundation Phase)

Mrs R Maina (Pre-Primary)

Mr L Maree (Grade 4)

Miss D Muller (Foundation Phase)

Mr J Snape (Grade 6)

Bursar and Debt Collector

Mrs R Burnett - Bursar

Mrs L Vorgers - Debt Collector

AfterCare Staff

Mrs N Browning
Mrs R Goodwin
Mrs R Holder
Ms N Maphela
Mrs O Olivier

Mrs M Sauls
Mrs D Sharkie
Mrs P Taylor
Mrs E Thompson
Mrs D Koch (Pre-Primary)

Mrs L Nabal (Pre-Primary)


Mr R Maree


Beauty, George, John, Johnson, Mirriam, Pamela, Rose, Phatiswa (Pre-Primary), Nomalizo (Pre-Primary), John (Pre-Primary)