Policy and Documents

Download our Aftercare Application form here


• Aftercare only operates during school terms.
• There is NO aftercare on the last day of term.
• The centre is open from 12h30 to 17h30 on school days
• Children must be fetched by 17h30 and an additional fee will be charged for late pick-ups.
• Please allow time for your child to pack away their activity, collect their bag and greet the aftercare ladies.


• For security reasons, all gates except by the tennis courts, are locked at 14h30 Monday to Thursday and 13h30 on Fridays
• Please use the tennis court gates after these times
• As a safety precaution, aftercare children are required to remain within set boundaries at all times.
• Children are informed of these boundaries


• Should anyone other than the nominated person on the application form be fetching your child, please notify the staff by letter or telephonically.
• No child will be permitted to leave with a non-nominated person without prior notification
• Should your child not be attending Aftercare for any particular reason, please notify the staff.
• Aftercare staff will not be held liable for children who fail to report to aftercare.
• Children are provided with two cool drinks during the course of the afternoon
• Please ensure your child is provided with extra lunch


For Aftercare 2020 fees, click here.

• The fee for aftercare is payable per term.
• Failure to pay the term fee will result in your child being removed from aftercare.
• A casual fee of R40-00 per afternoon is payable on the day of attendance that must be placed in a money bag or envelope with the child’s name on it and handed upon arrival. Prior arrangements must be made with the organisers for children attending on a casual basis.


• Children must wear their school uniform, school tracksuit or Phys Ed clothes in the afternoons.
• All clothing and belongings must be marked clearly.
• Parents must check lost property daily.
• Children must adhere to school rules and Aftercare Centre rules at all times.

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