School History

The Linton Grange Primary School was established in 1960 to serve the residents of the Western suburbs in Port Elizabeth. It was a dual-medium school and, as the Western suburbs expanded, it was realised that the premises were inadequate.

In 1970 the Linton Grange Primary School ceased to be, with an Afrikaans-medium school, Verkenner Primary, remaining in the original buildings, while the English-medium pupils were moved to new buildings in Westering. The new Westering Primary School opened its doors in January 1970 with Mr Erasmus being the first Headmaster.

The school fields were developed over the next two years, with the School Hall being completed in 1972. When Mr Erasmus retired in 1981, he was succeeded by Mr Taylor as Headmaster. The school had grown considerably at that stage and so a new wing of classrooms was added. The tennis courts were also built in 1982 and new land was required from the municipality to further increase the sports fields. In 2012 the Westering Pre-Primary School was added to the Primary School.

Westering Primary continued to show wonderful growth under the next two Headmasters, Mr Kaschula and Mr Hayidakis. Mr Gouveia, took over the reins in 1997 and in 2012 the Westering Pre-Primary School was added to the Primary School. 

Mr Mc Crindle was then entrusted with the position as Headmaster, starting in the last term of 2015.

Westering Primary has developed into one of the leading primary schools in Port Elizabeth, with wonderful sporting and academic facilities. At present it has over 900 pupils and a teaching staff of 44.

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